University of Bologna - Alma Mater Studiorum (Italy)

University of Bologna - Alma Mater Studiorum  (Italy)

The Biometric System Laboratory (BioLab - University of Bologna, Italy) is an internationally known research centre for its studies and publications in the field of biometrics. Several original techniques have been proposed by the BioLab team: for fingerprint comparison and classification, for hand shape verification, for face recognition and for performance evaluation of biometric systems.

BioLab team published the first algorithm able to meet the FBI error requirements for automatic fingerprint classification and developed SFinGe, the first effective method for generating realistic synthetic fingerprint databases. In cooperation with Prof. A.K. Jain from Michigan State University, Prof. J. Wayman from San Josè University and Prof. Javier Ortega-Garcia from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, BioLab organised various editions of the International Competition for Fingerprint Verification Algorithms (FVC2000, FVC2002, FVC2004, FVC2006 and FVC-onGoing); these events gained large popularity in the field (184 participants and 537 algorithms evaluated in FVC-onGoing) and FVC is becoming the de-facto standard for technology evaluation of fingerprint recognition systems.